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Music Lessons
Vocal Coaching + Songwriting
Piano + Guitar

Private Lessons are now on a first-come, first-serve basis, and available dates and times will be announced monthly by email list.

All lessons will be virtual using Zoom.

Sign up for the email list here - we promise not to spam you!

Please note: These lessons can be used for vocal coaching on specific songs, preparing for auditions or gigs or preparing to be in the studio; songwriting help on original songs; piano or guitar work on specific sons (geared towards adults/ hobbyist learners).

If you're unsure what you'd like to work on in in lessons, please get in touch!

Piano Keys

Music Lessons

Retro Microphone

Voice Lessons/
Vocal Coaching

Annie considers singing to be her first love, and helping singers bring out the best, most unique parts of their voices in a healthy way has become her passion. Annie combines classical vocal technique with contemporary vocal styles to give the singers she coaches a solid, healthy foundation that allows them to sing any style they want.

*Please come prepared with music to work on or specific goals to achieve (audition prep, performance coaching, etc.)

Piano Close-up

Piano Lessons

Individual Piano Lessons are the best way for students of all ages to learn the joy that is playing the piano. Since lessons are scheduled at irregular intervals, these are great opportunities for musicians who want to brush up on piano technique, work on specific songs, or have specific goals in mind (performances, auditions, etc.)

Sheet Music and Guitar

Guitar + Songwriting Lessons

Guitar lessons are a fun way to learn an instrument and express creativity, whatever age you are! Annie teaches beginner and intermediate guitar students, but admits that first-time guitar players are her favorite to teach. Guitar lessons are commonly combined with voice lessons for students interested in contemporary performance styles and songwriting.

Songwriting does not need to be combined with guitar, but it is helpful to have basic ability on an instrument to aid in the songwriting process.


Piano Lesson

Piano Lessons

Jaclyn H./ Mt. Juliet, TN

"My 4 year old daughter has been taking piano lessons from Annie for around 2-3 months and she LOVES it! Mrs Annie is so kind and patient with her, she is progressively getting better and more interested with each lesson. I would recommend Annie to anyone who is looking for music or voice lessons! We love her"

Acoustic Guitar

Guitar Lessons

Libby D./ Brentwood, TN

Annie has been great so far in teaching my daughter guitar. She is very patient and laid back, which is what my child needs!

amplifier and guitar

Guitar Lessons

Anne S./ Franklin, TN

Annie does a great job with my elementary age kids. Great approach with kids - they look forward to lessons every week.

microphone on stage

Voice Lessons

Kat G./ Nashville, TN

Annie is an amazing educator, performer, and student of music! I highly recommend her for any of your music ventures. She’s down to earth, always puts me at ease, and is an all-around joy to work with. A million thumbs up for Annie!

Recording Studio Mic

Voice Lessons

Andrew S./ Nashville, TN

Annie is very good at bringing your voice to where you want it, realistically. I was able to work with her for 5 weeks and develop an audition song. I have no experience in singing, and don't have the best voice, but she helped me pick the best piece for me, and then worked with me and helped me perfect the piece by the end of the 5 weeks. She said very open to ideas, and easy to talk to. I looked forward to our meetings every week. A great, reliable, and very well-priced teacher.

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